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Shades of grey

January 28, 2015 2 Looks, Style

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On a grey day, all I want to wear is black, grey and more black. This depressing weather fits my all grey look perfectly and there’s no discussion when you say these are several shades of grey. I never read the book: “50 shades of grey” but I think they don’t take the discussion about clothing very serious. I think the biggest part of the book they don’t wear clothes at all (hihi) but that’s not what i’m talking about. I bought these two grey items on the day I arrived home from Curacao and I think the weather was such a good inspiration. I’m in love with the grey […]

All about the basics

January 27, 2015 1 OOTD

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The perfect look is created with some importand basics and must have pieces in every wardrobe! It’s all about the basics and how you combine them. Black and white is not boring if you know how to combine. Especially in basics you have to invest because you can combine them endlessly with almost everything in your closet. Mixing and matching is the trick. What is your favorite basic item in your closet? Items: Blouse – Acne Coffee mug – Supertrash Jeans – H&M Pumps – Sacha Bag – Bijenkorf Lipstick – MAC Coat – Dante6

Girl on kicks

January 25, 2015 1 Looks, Style

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This is a real contrast between my summer looks because it’s getting really cold here in the Netherlands, there’s even snow. So crazy to think about my trip to curacao and it’s already been a week since I left the pretty (warm) island. But normal life started and I really have a positive fibe to make the best of 2015. It’s kind of like my ‘new year’ started after my holiday. Just before I left to Curacao I found these perfect Asics sneakers. I didn’t own a pair of Asics yet and they’re a perfect addition to my sneaker collection. I’m a real sneakerfreaker, a girl on kicks. I love […]

Curacao love

January 23, 2015 1 Looks, Style

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So girls (and boy’s!) i’m backk. My vacation with my boyfriend to the lovely Curaçao was really amazing. It was over 30 degrees celsius and didn’t really experience rain in Curaçao-rain-season. So we had some great weather. We had a great hotel (show you in a photo diary on sunday!), we’ve seen the best beaches of Curaçao, had great diners and drinked a lot of cocktails! Curacao LOVE! One of the reason why we choose Curacao is because of my close friend Anneloek, she lives on the island for over 4 years and I always promised to visit her someday. Well and you know how those things work out, to […]

Hashtag by Lily

January 16, 2015 1 Inspired by

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For this week’s ‘Inspired by‘ post that i’m writing in my hotel-room in Curacao I decided to seek for an blogger who also travelled to somewhere sunnier in the past month so the contrast between my ‘summer’ looks and this Inspired by look isn’t that big. Well, this decision was made very easily because my sweet friend and AMAZING fashionblogger Hashtag by Lily travelled to Japan a month ago. But beside her amazing skills and even more amazing trip to Japan we share some vacation memories too. Because I met Lily almost one year ago on my trip to Mexico. I visited Mexico in march with my boyfriend and so […]

Summer feeling

January 13, 2015 2 Looks, Style

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Well as you girls might know I’m currently in Curacao to spend some of the cold winter days somewhere sunnier. I’m not really a winter person. I’m more of a spring/summer kinda girl and well Curacao gives me the perfect summer feeling even in January! It’s great to start my ‘winter-sleep’ here on the beach with my boyfriend, some cocktails and some great magazines/books. My friend Anneloek lives in Curacao for 5 years now and she already took us to places we would never seen before if we explored the Island ourselve. We visited one of the most beautiful beaches of Curacao: Cas Abao and experiences ‘Happy-Hour’ twice already. Luckily […]