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Instadairy september

September 21st, 2014

Posted by: Lauren


It’s time to show a bit of my personal life so I will try to post an sneakpeak in my life every sunday on LaChanna. You can follow me on Instagram where I try to give you a little sneak peek in my life. Well and i’m aiming on the new iPhone 6 with the new camera so even my Instagram pics will be more pretty!!

Well and in this weeks instadairy I show you my addiction for Sushi, I always have some periods where I can’t stop eating something I love. The problem is, that after this intense period I can’t see it anymore. This week I ate sushi twice for diner and the leftovers the day after as lunch. I make sushi myself because I’m really picky. I don’t like fish at all, but I love the vegetarian sushi avocado, cucumber, egg and crunches. And I also like sushi with beef and chicken. Perfect. Okay enough about this addiction because I feel like eating sushi right now.

I also show you a bit of Vogue fashion night out, it was a lovely ambiance and I love spending time with my blogger friends! I also visited Meettalkandblog event hosted by Lily (hashtagbylily). The lovely cupcakes, workshop and lovely diner at my hometown Utrecht.

I also show you my puppy, well you girls know I love my puppy. My Shiba Inu doesn’t really like to cuddle, so this picture is the perfect shot of this stubborn pup.

My new love is the color red. Bordeaux red, red-red, soft red and hard red. Love it. I think this will be my fall color.



September 19th, 2014

Posted by: Lauren

Sweater: Zara
Jeans: H&M
Necklace: H&M
Boots: Asos
Bag: Asos
Watch: Modemusthaves

A little while a goo I met this beauty Marion at the We heart Fashion 1-year-birthday-party. It a great day with delicious food, lovely conversations about fashion and a color workshop. It was great to meet Kelly and Kim but beside that it was a great event with real nice fashionlovers. Marion is blogger at 24hoursoffashion, she blogs about fashion, photography and lifestyle.

Marion is beautiful and her pictures are stunning. For the ‘inspired by’ category I’m showing my favourite look of Marion. This industrial environment in combination with a clear shot and lovely colors in her outfit is perfect. Sometimes less is more, little jewelry, basic jeans and perfect black boots.

Follow her at:

My favorite looks of 24hoursoffashion:

marion van zutphen

fashion by 24hoursoffashion


24 hours of fashion


Casual chic

September 16th, 2014

Posted by: Lauren

Casual chic
Casual chic

ENG – Well the past days the biggest discussion on my work is: “what to wear to the party” this thursday. On thursday we’re hosting a big media-party at a great venue floating on water in Amsterdam. It’s a big event for around 350 people, with a dress code: Casual Chic. It’s a difficult dress code because it can almost be everything. And maybe it’s super easy, because everything is possible. For me it means a lot of inspiration. My translation of the dress code in 3 different looks.

NL – De afgelopen dagen neemt de discussie ‘what to wear’ naar ons feestje aanstaande donderdag de overhand. Aanstaande donderdag hosten wij een feestje op een super toffe locatie drijvend op het water in Amsterdam. Het is een groot media-feest waar zo’n 350 professionals rondlopen. De dress-code is casual chic, dit is nogal een breeeeeeed thema. Aan de ene kant is het een mega makkelijk thema, omdat je eigenlijk bijna alles aan kan wat je wil. Aan de andere kant is het soms ook best lastig als je geen kaders of lijnen hebt waar binnen je moet blijven. Voor ons wordt het een laaaaange dag, dus het zal afwisselen van sneakers en hakken worden. Ik heb mijn interpretatie van Casual Chic in 3 varianten gegoten.


  • Look 1 – Shimmering
  • Shimmering pants – H&M
    High heels – Zara
    Blouse – H&M
    Bag – Monki
    Necklace – Mango
    Rings – Topshop

    Look 2 – Leather love
    Top – H&M
    Leather pants – H&M
    Heels – Zara
    Bag – Asos
    Necklace – H&M
    Watch – Asos (Marc Jacobs)
    Ring – Catbird NYC

    Look 3 – Little black dress
    Dress – Monki
    Boots – Zara
    Bag – Mango
    Hair piece – Zara
    Rings – Monki
    iPhone cover – Asos


    Vallen Mode

    September 15th, 2014

    Posted by: Lauren

    Vallen mode
    Fashion show
    Vallen mode fashionshow
    Vallen mode fashion
    Vallen mode

    ENG - Last tuesday I visited an amazing fashion show hosted by Fashion Boutique Vallen Mode. Vallen Mode is a fashion boutique in Harmelen (a little village near Utrecht). Vallen Mode fall and winter collection was shown by the models and the audience (everybody was sitting front row) because we were enjoying a 3 course menu and during diner the models walked trough te restaurant to show the new collection. It was a great ambiance and loved the food and especially all the beautiful clothes! My boyfriend and some of my friends were modelling in the Vallen Mode fashion show, so I liked to see them shine! After the fashion show there was something even better: the-after-party where the doors of the boutique opened and it was time to shop! It was at night so it was a great shopping night where you could find the showed clothes hanging in store. A lot of woman kept asking for that one jeans they saw on the tall brunette girl and that lovely blazer worn by a man. A great shopping night and I tried to make some lovely pictures. Hope you like it!

    NL - Afgelopen dinsdag was ik bij een super toffe fashionshow georganiseerd door fashion boetiek Vallen mode uit Harmelen (Utrecht). Vallen Mode showt tijdens een 3-gangen menu in restaurant de Kloosterhoeve de complete nieuwe herfst/winter collectie die in de winkel ligt. Een super handige en fijne manier om de leukste setjes uit de winkel samen te zien komen. Het mooie aan de modeshow is toch wel ‘thé-after-party’ wat eigenlijk gewoon een hele toffe shopping-night is, de deuren gingen rond 20 uur ‘s avonds open en kreeg je de kans om de mooiste items uit de collectie uit te zoeken. De items die de modellen tijdens de modeshow droegen waren ook direct te krijgen en je hoorde vanuit allerlei verschillende hoeken mensen vragen, waar is die jeans die dat meisje als laatste aan had, waar is dat blauwe colbertje die die jongen droeg. Iedereen is op zoek naar de mooiste items geshowt in de fashionshow. Mijn vriend en wat vrienden van mij liepen mee in de modeshow, dat was ook wel leuk om ze een keer te zien in deze setting. Ik heb mij dan ook als een ware fotograaf tussen de menigte in de winkel gevormd voor de mooiste foto’s hier op mijn blog. Jammer genoeg niet heel veel foto’s van de show zelf, het ging te snel om er mooie foto’s van te maken helaas. Daarbij zijn mijn camera skills nog niet zo goed ontwikkeld dat het schieten in het donker mooi wordt.


    vallen mode

    Vallen mode winkel

    Meer foto’s in dit filmpje: Vallen mode fashion show


    Vogue fashion night

    September 11th, 2014

    Posted by: Lauren


    Last week I visited the Vogue Fashion Night Out with my sweet friend and fashionblogger Lily (Hashtag by Lily), before we mingled between all the beautifull bloggers, fashionista’s, models, classy woman and brand-representatives we decided to shoot some pictures. And well, I had one of those days. Not my best days. Worked all day, feeling all fluffy, bad hair day, bad fashion day and a little sad. So when we started shooting I didn’t really feel like it. But after taking some amazing pictures of Lily at this perfect black/green french-’ish’ gate, I had to put a big smile on my face and just go with it. It’s always a surprise when you finally see the pictures laptop size. Well and I must confess I’m kind of happy with these pictures, because my hair turned out great.

    Vogue fashion night out

    Well and because this saturday i decided to cut it all off. When I see this pictures I must confess I love long hair, but the sad story is that my hair was nog really healthy. I painted my hair over and over again and because I wanted to grow it fast I didn’t cut it that often. Butttttt the happy thing is, now that my hair is short, it’s all healthy and dancing again. I still have to get used to it, and I didn’t succeed to capture my hair in the right way to show you guys. Hope I can show you guys soon, but for now this was my hair inspiration post:

    Hair LOB

    The vogue fashion night out is a big event hosted by Vogue all over the world. This event gives you the chance to shop at your favorite high end fashion stores, sometimes with discounts, sometimes you can win a shopping gift card but especially to enjoy music, fashion, inspiration and a laugh.


    Daily Fashion Dosis

    September 10th, 2014

    Posted by: Lauren

    Fashionblogger MDFD
    Cardigan: Saint Tropez
    Boots: Zara
    Hat: H&M
    Top: Topshop
    Shorts: Sting
    Sunglasses: Topshop

    My Daily Fashion Dosis

    Today a new inspired by post about the lovely Carmen from My Daily Fashion Dosis! This amazing and beautiful power woman is fashionbuyer at a great fashion company (The Sting) and created My Daily Fashion Dosis a few years agoo. Carmen likes to inspire you with her edgy, feminine and sexy style. I love her contrasted pictures, great style and fashionsense.

    In my opinion Carmen is not really mainstream and that is what I love about bloggers, an own unique style, great photography and a signature photo-editing in all pictures what gives it a stamp on every post. Big chunky boots, short shorts, sneakers, printed tops, big sweaters and coats are part of Carmen’s signature look. And offcourse her great eyeliner and smoky eyes!

    My favorite looks from My daily fashion dosis:
    My daily fashion dosis
    Carmen mdfd
    Carmen my daily fashion dosis


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