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Pretty pastels

February 25, 2015 4 OOTD

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Time for spring, time for pretty pastels! I was on work yesterday and I couln’t help noticing that almost 80% of my colleagues in the lunchroom were wearing GREY the other 18% was wearing black and maybe 2% dark green or blue. No bright colors, no pastels no ‘color’ at all. It was a quite a sad look so I decided to start wearing a little color more often. To brighten up my mood and the office hihi. What I would love to wear: Jeans – Denham Sweater – Zara Pump – Sacha shoes Bracelet – Sacha Coat – Topshop Bag – Zara

Girly girl

February 24, 2015 6 Looks, OOTD

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I love to be a girly girl time to time. I’m not a girly girl from origne, I always was the though girl on school and I have a big love for sneakers, jeans and big sweaters not really girly girl if you ask me. But every once in a while I love to dress feminine. I love the combination of this feminine style and then I add a little edge to the look to make it more me. ‘Cause the best look for you, is being yourself. Wear something you feel comfortable in and fits your mood and emotions. This looks gives me a little edge I needed but […]

The confessions of a shopaholic

February 22, 2015 8 Looks, Style

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I have to tell you something and it’s quite a problem. I have a big addiction and it’s called SHOPPING. I have to make some ‘confessions of a shopaholic’ to all of you. Like most of you I have a bucket list but I also have a very very very big bucket-shopping-list. A list of things I need to have. Some of those pieces on my bucket-list-for-shopping I really need because I have nothing similar like this in my closet.. Like the PERFECT basic black or white Tee or some nice high heeled black boots with great profile sole orrr… I can go on for hours. But my biggest confession […]

Top 5 hotspots Curacao

February 19, 2015 8 Inspiration

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It’s been a few weeks already but I still wanted to show you something from my sweet winter-get-away Curacao. I visited Curacao with my boyfriend and we really had an amazing holiday. The weather was GREAT (and it was january, rain season in Curacao but didn’t see more then two 10 minute rainstorms) the food was even GREATER and the people (especially my sweet friend Anneloek) were the BEST! The benifit of my trip to Curacao was most definitely my sweet friend Anneloek who lives in Curacao for over 5 years now, I know her ever since I was a little girl (age 14) and she was kind of my […]

Diary of my life

February 16, 2015 2 Inspiration

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It’s been a while since I showed you a little sneak peek behind the scenes of my life! The diary of the my life topic is going to apear every two weeks and I will show you a personal peek into my life. I have a lot to show you this time because it’s been a while. Shooting with Esther from MyConfashions Spring feeling with some fresh tulips Went to the hairdresser to change my hair into Grey-white/Ash-white From where I sit and stand Selfie with my sweet Shiba Inu: Keiko

Boho chic

February 15, 2015 2 OOTD

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Yesterday was such a sunny, sparkly nice day! It kinda felt like spring already and I love spring time so much. Had a great busy weekend and tomorrow my workweek starts again. I’m always sad about the weekend to end but sometimes I have to enjoy the weekdays more. When I start my monday I always directly get in the ‘omg pff 5 days again untill weekend again’ I love my work and it shouldn’t be so hard to survive my working days. But well yes days off are definitely better then working hihi. Today’s look is all about the Boho chic, this fringe sweater, cowboy boots, boho jewelry and […]