First ray of sunshine

May 22, 2015 2 Fashion, Looks

Woohoo, last weekend it really felt like summer-ish/spring! The sun was shining, the birds were singing I couldn’t really be more happy. I think the sun has such a positive feeling on people, everybody is happier, waking up is easier and days feel way longer. And my Shiba Inu dog really really love the fresh air and running in the woods! Isn’t he cute?

Yesterday night I’ve had some relaxtion on the balcony with my boyfriend, some nice wine, some nice tappas and an even better conversation. When you’re in a relationship and you both work, have a busy social life, enjoying sport it’s sometimes hard to find some time together. I think it’s really important to go offline sometimes, just talk, just listen and appreciate the life you’re living. We’re busy planning our future together, buying a house, dreaming about marriage and kids (not yet, not yet!!) and that’s kind off scary. Growing up is scary, sometimes I wish I could go back to high school..

My look today is really casual, my favourite new plisé summer dress. I found it at ASAP Paris a great boutique store in Viva la France! They have a great inspirational collection and it kind of feels like my little dream store. I really love to shop online at not your typical mega store, where you can find some unique pieces. Combined with my favourite denim blouse and always fashionable converse sneakers! Summer dresses, summer dreaming! <3 What i'm wearing: Dress - Asap Paris
Sneakers – Converse
Sunglasses – Sacha
Blouse – Zara
Yellow Bag – Zara (last season)

Shiba inu



  • wendy

    Super leuke foto’s babe! Snel ff afspreken dan kan ik je die geweldige tas geven :)


  • Aaaah heeeerlijke weekend vibes! De foto’s zijn prachtig!!!! Enne, nope we don’t wanne grow up!!! hihi.. Hope to see u soon babe!

    X Lily

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