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November 30, 2015 8 Inspiration

Time for something new, time for something personal! I get a lot of questions on my blog, Facebook and Instagram account about my life and I would love to give you a little sneak peek in my life. I’ve seen this Get to know me tag before on different blogs and I always love to read a bit more about the people behind the blog. So let’s get this party started!

Date of birth
21 March 1990, i’m 25 years old


1,67, quite small right? When I was a kid I was always one of the biggest kids in the class but since high school I stopped growing and stayed pretty small.

What were you thinking about when you woke up this morning?
I think my first thought was about my warm shower first, I really hate wintertime and love to take long showers (even in the morning when I don’t have that much time). Then I thought about an outfit of the day, I decided that I wanted to wear my heeled boots when I was still under the shower but had to create an outfit that fitted perfectly with my booties!

Where are you right now?
I’m writing this ‘Get to know me tag’ in my bed, under my olive green striped blanket!

I have a boyfriend for almost 7 years already, we’re kind off high school sweethearts but found each other a year after our last year on high school, when I was working in Spain and my boyfriend visited the same place for his vacation. It was kind of love at second sight.


Describe yourself briefly
I’m an energetic, cheerful, crazy and ambitious girl

I have a big boycrush on Jude Law and also secretly on Jim Bakkum.. I have a girl crush on Sienna Miller and Angelina Jolie and the Olsen twins, they’re real power woman and so so so beautiful!



What would you want right now?
A big warm cup of winter tea with milk and dutch Taai-taai cookies!

What’s your goal in life?
I really really want to be a Marketing Manager at a big (dutch) fashion company. I really love to work at a company that fits my ambition and interest! I also really want to get married (a big big big wedding please) and to have a little baby. And well I would love to be very very rich.. hihi so I can buy every piece of clothing I want and live in a beautiful (white) house with a big garden.

Are you scared of something?
Spiders in my towels, horror movies and i’m always scared people get sick and something bad happens..

Do you have a drivers licence?
Yes, i’m a little lazy and really hate to cycle so when I turned 18 I immediately started with lessons.

I almost always wear nail polish because I think it’s really feminine and spices up every look. I also like to wear lipstick but not every day..


Favorite season
Spring time! Love the fresh air, fresh flowers and the first sun. But also love spring because my birthday is on the first day of spring! And I simply don’t like the cold.

Do you wanna get married some day?
YES, like you’ve read in my ‘life goals’ questions, I really want to get married with my BF. In a big land house with a perfect dress and celebrate with all of my loved ones. I have a real thing with weddings and I organised weddings for friends and family so a wedding planner company will be something I want to create some day too… I already have a complete Pinterest board designed around weddings, i’m an addict.


Are you a health-freak?
No, not at all. I wish I was sometimes because I’m really unhealthy when it comes to food and I don’t really have a big exercising routine yet. I play squash every sunday with my sis and also started the Bikini Body Guide by Kayla for the second time last week but I find it really hard to stick to the health plan. I also really hate it when people are talking about health and food all the time. My life motto is definitely: “enjoy life RIGHT now! Live in the moment.”

What is the clothing/beauty item highest on your list at the moment?
I want Isabel Marant bobby boots in all colors because I really love the style of the shoes with almost every look. I also fell in love with a fluffy Modstrom coat i’m telling you about in a previous post. I’m just instantly in love. I always have a big wishlist of sneakers too, don’t even get me started.. Never enough..

Do you own any tattoos?
No, not yet but also something that’s high on my wishlist. Really love to get myself a quote tattoo because i’m a real word addict.


Do you have piercings?
I once had a belly button ring but took it out a few years ago. Ever since I was 16 I have a ‘tragus piercing’ in my ear.

Do you have glasses?
No luckily I don’t need glasses or lenses anymore, I did some eye laser treatment and it really is the best thing I ever did! I really had some bad eyes but now they’re capable to see everything, far away and close by.

Favorite pizza?
My fave pizza is definitely the Pizza Caprese with Prosciutto. Love the combination!

Favorite food/drinks?
My favorite food is definitely Sushi, burgers and steak can’t get enough of that! I think for food America is the best place to be but also really love Mexican food! I must confess that I have a little Red Bull addiction so that’s my favorite drink!

What’s your favorite fragrance?
My absolute favorite is from Paul Smith and it’s called Rose, it doesn’t really smell like roses but it’s very soft and light and fresh. I’m really in love with that scent, no doubt my Nr. 1.

What was your last buy?
Just bought a super nice long T-Shirt at Vero Moda but also bought high heeled ankle boots by Sacha recently. Ohhh and a Miss guided dress for the wedding of my father in law.

sacha shoes

Favorite icecream?
I really really love After Eight icecream, you know the after eight chocolats? Well and then mixed in Ice Cream (mint with chocolate). You can’t get After Eight icecream in the supermarket but really good ice cream boutiques have this flavour! In spain or any other European country you have this flavour EVERYWHERE –> need to move someday…

What are your plans for 2016?
Well, almost 2016 and I have some great plans this year! If it all works out as planned our house will be partly finished in 2016 so that’s something i’m really excited about. I also want to travel more this year, on my bucket list: Australia, London, Paris, Istanbul, Bali, San Francisco, New York, Brazil and also want to go back to Mexico one day..

Morning or evening person?
It depends, I think i’m more an evening person because I’m always awake until 12 or 1 o’clock but I have to confess i’m almost always happy in the morning, don’t like waking up but when i’m up I don’t have any problems with my mood. I don’t like the cold the last couple of weeks that makes my morning mood a bit down.

I’m a real chaotic person. I don’t need clean, tidy spaces because I have my own organised mess. You can always ask me where I/you left something a few days ago and I can still remember. The only thing I loose all the time is my phone. I bring that thing everywhere with me so sometimes I forget my phone at the toilet or in my sock drawer… hihi.

I have a brother his name is Evan and he’s 29. I also have a sister her name is Bapke and she’s 31! I live in the same building as my brother and his wife and my sis lives only 10 minutes from our house so we see each other almost every week! I also have some great ‘extra’ family with my sister in law and brother in law we make a great team.


What would you love to see right now?
I would love to see the Big Ben in London and the Opera House in Sidney. Can’t wait to be honest!

What would you expect to achieve in 10 years?
I would love to be a Marketing Manager at a great growing fashion company, I just love the marketing/media business and really want to be the best in the field. Also really love to take the first steps into a company that I can call my own like a Wedding Plan service or launch a product designed by me like shoes or accessories.

Are you missing somebody right now?
Yes I really really miss my mother in law, she passed away a couple of years ago and she was truly the sweetest woman I’ve ever known. Just miss her with every little thing we do.

What’s your favorite part of your body?
I really like the fact that I have small feet and I also like my small waist, I don’t really get fat at all.

bye bye

Are you shy?
I’m not shy at all, I always try to talk to everyone and I also tend to make jokes so everyone else feels comfortable too. I’m a bit more shy at the office in a meeting but not in general. I love chitchat and always like to listen to everybody’s stories. In Dutch they also call me a little ‘Flapuit’ (*translated as: blabbermouth hihi funny!)

Describe a normal week in your life:
I work 5 days a week, I hate tuesday the most, even more then monday that day just sucks. I always try to plan something nice with friends on wednesday or thursday evening to have diner or catch up. On Friday I always do drinks after work with colleagues in Amsterdam or with friends in Utrecht. The weekend days I spend to shoot for my blog (mostly on sunday) and I always want to do a nice activity with my boyfriend too. I squash every sunday morning with my sis to stay a bit in shape.. On Sunday evenings I always think, fuck.. Was that all of the weekend? Time goed by so fast.

  • Ana

    Aaah super leuk om dit te lezen. Veel wist ik al maar heel veel nog niet. I mean, Jim Bakkum? Te leuk 😀

    X Lily

  • Charlotofstyle

    Wat leuk! Ik wil ook altijd nog super graag weddingplanner worden. Heb ook een tumblr pagina vol met inspo plaatjes. Love it all! <3
    X Charlotte

    • Hihi jaa volgens mij hebben wij het daar zelfs al eens over gehad… Daaar moeten we wat mee doen ;-). xx

  • Aaaah wat leuk liefje, om dit te lezen. Jaaaaa trouwen, dat moeten jullie ZEKER doen! Ik wil ook hoor, maar dan met de mijne. 😉 xxxxxxx Freddie

    • Aaah wat een leuke reactie <3! Trouwen trouwen trouwen haha wat een heerlijk fenomeen. Dikke kus voor jou, tot snel.

  • Wat een onwijs leuk artikel!! Word helemaal vrolijk van jouw opgewekte en eerlijke antwoorden!! En die ambitie om de marketing manager bij een groot bedrijf te worden, gaat je sowieso lukken! Xx Susanne –

    • Aaaah Susanne, super leuke reactie! Haha vond het ook wel verfrissend om een keer een heel eerlijk en persoonlijk artikel online te zetten. Thanks voor je lieve reactie, zie je hopelijk snel!

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