I have this thing with sneakers

October 8, 2015 0 Inspiration

Okay, it’s lame because I think everybody knows it by now: I have this thing with sneakers. I can’t really explain myself rather then explaining the power of sneakers: fashionable and comfy at the same time. I must confess at the same time it might have to do something with my sore feet everytime I wear heels.. I don’t know if some of you have the same problem but I can’t convince my head anymore to go for the heels because they know what they can expect.

So I have this thing with sneakers and lately I have the biggest fling with sneakers of the brand PUMA. I own two pairs of Puma Trinomics already and when we visited the Dolphin Mall in Miami I walked straight to the Puma store to look for another pair. My Puma trinomics are truly the best sneakers ever so need more of those! That’s when I found these Puma Suede Classic sneakers in matt and shine grey. They’re perfect small, cute, a little girly and perfect for jeans and even dresses because they look very small.

Shop them here: Puma Store!

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