The confessions of a shopaholic

February 22, 2015 9 Fashion, Looks

I have to tell you something and it’s quite a problem. I have a big addiction and it’s called SHOPPING. I have to make some ‘confessions of a shopaholic’ to all of you. Like most of you I have a bucket list but I also have a very very very big bucket-shopping-list. A list of things I need to have.

Some of those pieces on my bucket-list-for-shopping I really need because I have nothing similar like this in my closet.. Like the PERFECT basic black or white Tee or some nice high heeled black boots with great profile sole orrr… I can go on for hours. But my biggest confession when it comes down to shopping is things I already have but need more, an upgrade or just fit me perfectly. I have a great addiction for things I allready have like striped Tee’s/sweaters I think I have more then 8 of those puppy’s but never enough. The same situation for jeans, I’m a jeans girl and have all jeans colors, fittings, destroyed and washings and for sneakers and that’s a difficult one because I do not own the same sneakers in different colors but well sneakers sneakers sneakers are sneakers and it seems I only wear jeans and sneakers all the time. Shopping makes me happy but I need to learn to shop wisely. Spend a little bit more on ‘need to haves‘ instead of buying everything that I don’t need but just want.

For my current look my boyfriend suggested to make pictures because he liked my new skirt and blouse. We did an inside shoot on my cute Loods5 chair. It was really cold outside and rainy but these pictures turned out light and sunny. Much love for my boyfriend for these lovely photo’s and well for my granny hair because it’s soooooo full and grey and flowy.



  • Heerlijk je haar zo! Foto’s zijn prachtig geworden, heeft je vriend goed gedaan :)

    • Thanks babe! Voor het eerst in mn leven dat mijn haar ‘stug’ en voller is sinds mijn nieuwe kleurtje. Krullen blijven gewoon langer dan twee uur zitten haha wat een geluk!

      • Dat is goed om te horen! Ik wil zelf ook wel wat met mn haar doen, maar ben er nog niet helemaal over uit wat het moet worden 😛

  • Love your curlies!! En de fotos zijn mooi geworden binnen!

    Lovies x

    • Krullliessssss in mn nieuwe haren!! Zijn je foto’s moooi? Zie ze nog niet online

  • Haha wat herkenbaar! Leuk geschreven, heerlijke look & mooie foto’s – jullie zijn een goed team zo! Keep up the good work :)

    XO from Malta,

    • Thanks chick, super lief! Ja best wel een topteam ben blij dat ik iemand om me heen heb die meedenkt en meehelpt. Thanks for the sweet compliment!!

  • Awesome babe!! Je ziet er echt geweldig uit met je nieuwe look 😀 Enne de shopping addiction… I know all about it :(

    • Hihi shopping addiction man.. Hoe kom je er van af? Alles kopen is de oplossing en direct ook het probleem! Aah haha xx

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