Winter blues

December 15, 2014 3 Fashion, Looks

It’s not even winter yet but I’m having some serious winter blues. Having a cold for over 2 weeks but it never really pushed trough so I had to plan a day to relax to the max. Well that’s what I did this monday and this weekend too. I baked a cake, took my boyfriend to a surprise lunch to celebrate his new job and had a night at the couch at my best-friends.

My look today is a winter-proof skirt, boots and flower-ish blouse. I’m not really into flowers but the colors of this blouse are really pretty. The combination of blue’s on a black ‘canvas’ makes me get out of my winter blues a little. Well and more things help me with my winter blues, like baking a cheesecake, creating some home feeling at home and watching my christmas tree and christmas movies all!




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