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August 13, 2015 1 Travel

It’s almost time for me to pack my bags and leave for a holliday! Almost time, well I like to be prepared because i’m leaving in september but it feels close enough to start thinking about some great tips for packing your bag. This year i’m travelling to Florida for a roadtrip. We will drive from Orlando to Miami to The keys and everything in between. We’re staying for 13 days and it’s going to be a great trip. I’m not taking a backpack because i’m just not ‘that kind of girl’, I just take my beautiful big purple suitcase and carry it along with me trough Florida hihi.

I’m a great disaster if it comes down to packing my bag, i’m always really stressed until the minute I check in my bag and it’s always – yes ALWAYS too heavy. To calm down my nerves this summer I found some great tips for packing a bag and I would love to share it with you. Hopefully we both have less stress this vacation-time….

Tip 1. Start on time
It’s always an even bigger disaster if you plan to pack your bag a night before you leave. Take the time to pack your bag, start a week and a half before you leave to get the washer and the dryer running with all your favorite items for your trip. At least 3 days before you leave you have to washed all of your clothes and start ironing the messy blouses and T-shirts. It’s way to stressful to do this only one day in advance and you don’t want to risk the fact that your FAVORITE summer dress is totally dirty from last beachparty and you have no time to get it ready before your flight leaves!

packing your bag

Tip 2. Create sets
Okay, I must confess I didn’t do this for years but the last two trips I took, I created sets of clothes that really worked good together. You can pack a skirt, but figure out how to wear this skirt with 2 different tops and accessories. The skirt gets double useful. Really important that if you have a skirt or a jeans or a short that’s really one of a kind and don’t fit any tops but one. I’m sorry girl, you can better leave it behind… The easy thing about sets is that you don’t have to experience the morning ‘getting dressed’ struggles, you just put on your favorite set for that day and BAM you’re ready! *your boyfriend or family would be very very very happy to get to the beach even earlier because you’re so quick!

Tip 3. Not only for show
I know it’s very attractive to pack a pair of your favorite high heels to join you on your summer vacation but let’s be honest .. are you really going to wear it more then once… Is it even suitable for the location? I had packed myself a great pair of heels for my trip to Curacao but when I arrived at my first party everybody was wearing flipflops because it is NO good plan to wear heels on the beach and dance… That was a little space I could have spent on extra pair sneakers or dresses.. way better!

Tip 4. Rolling
This is a efficiency tip. The best way to pack your bag very efficient is to roll your shirts, tops, dresses, bikini’s. It saves so much room in your bag. The other thing about rolling your clothes is less wrinkles in your clothes, no iron needed at your summer destination. Next to these benefits I also think it’s a benefit if you have limited closet space on your holiday hotel/apartment the rolls give you a quick overview of the items in your closet.

packing your bag

Tip 5. Practical
A practical tip for packing is. Bring a grocery plastic bag: to collect your dirty clothes. Bring smaller size shampoo, deodorant, showergel, hairspray etc. nowadays you have all kind of solutions to bring smaller size shower products. If you don’t have these smaller packages yet then don’t buy new items but bring your half empty ones, so you can toss them on the way back. Enough space for SHOPPING!

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