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July 7, 2015 2 Travel

Well one of the hottest topics on my Instagram account last month was my new Triangl Bikini. And well I know why… because it’s absolutely perfect! But I also understand it’s not ‘just’ a bikini. It’s a unique neoprene bikini and it’s really populair, you see them everywhere.. But especially in Australia (the brand’s origine) and in the United States this bikini is freaking popular. For us Dutchies it might be difficult to get your hand on this bikini brand and maybe even more difficult: “what size to choose?” and “which one to choose?” . I will try to give you answers on your questions!


Triangl bikni choices

Triangl Bikini, what size do I need?
Okay, before I ordered my Triangl bikini I didn’t really research the internet about the sizes of these beauties. I always wear EU 36 and I thought that will equals a size S. True story but the bikini is a bit smaller than EU sizes so I would recommend to order for Bottom and for Top a size bigger. So I should’ve gotten myself a size M. I didn’t off course because I didn’t read a great article like this ;-). For me it’s a motivation and a new bikini challenge, WORK OUT!! But I think I will order a size M anyway. Summer is way to beautiful to wait…

bottom bikni triangl

bikini triangl

Triangl Bikini, choices choices choices!
When you decide to get yourself a perfect Traingl bikini I think one of the hardest things is to decide on the color, the style and the fabric! Are you a triangle bikini girl (nr 3) or a bandeau girl (nr 2) or a bra girl (bra shaped nr 1). I decided to choose bright colors because I think the Triangl Bikini’s are cute and girly but you can also decide to go for a mixed color pattern or a plain coloured bikini like a totally black or white one! The neoprene fabric feels soft on your skin and the closing on the back is really firm and when you’re at your swimming pool bed you don’t feel a knot in your back. I even felt like it had a little push up effect and that’s perfect for smaller boobies too ;-)(but it can also be because it was a little bit too small… hihi)

triangl neoprene

Shop my Triangl Bikini here

Other great alternatives:
1. Milly Arizona Sunset
2. Lily Blueberry Burst
3. Farrah Summer serenade

Conclusion: Do I need a Traingl Bikini? YES YOU DO. It’s a perfect fashionable bikini.

  • Triangl bikini’s blijven mooi. Er zijn ook zoveel verschillende! Je hebt een prachtige uitgekozen! XO

  • Ik zou er zo graag 1 bestellen :-) Ik twijfel enkel nog over de maat van het bovenstukje. Ik heb zelf een maatje 80/85C en ze raden mij de medium aan. Maar als je zegt dat ze klein vallen zou ik dan niet beter de large nemen?

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