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May 26, 2015 1 Travel

It’s almost time, it’s almost Summer vacation! Even though i’m not bound to ‘regular’ summer vacation and I love to have winter trips every year. I also started planning a great summer vacation for this september. So the big question is.. Where to: Summer vacation?

I have so many ideas and I know I can’t make all of these dreams come true this year but i’m doubting between all of these.. Where are you going this year? Big plans? With family? With friend? Or with your boy/girlfriend?

My 5 tips for the perfect summer vacation:

1. Mykonos
Okay, I have to confess I have a weakness for Greece. Worked in a Greek restaurant for over 9 years so I really love the food. Greece has great warm summer weather and I love this guaranteed sun. Beside these benefits I think Greece gives you the real perfect combination of summer vacation, the ambiance is totally different from other European countries, you can see a little culture but enjoy a little bit of shopping too. This summer a big hot and happening place is Mykonos, with the most perfect coast and cute little white greek houses! It’s also called the ‘new’ Ibiza so that is a great promise!


2.Florida – Miami & Orlando
I have this big love for Miami, I want to visit this place for ages already. The best thing is that there’s so much to do in this area. I think almost everything in Florida is freaking great. You can see some amusement parcs in Orlando, you can have a beach relaxation and watch people at Miami beach, shop till you drop at Coconut Grove or Miricle Mile and so much nice food!


3. West coast USA
I think this trip is the highest on my wishlist. I would love love love to make a roadtrip trough the West Coast of America, visiting Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Francisco. The perfect summer vacation for me. A lot to do, a lot to see, the combination of culture, shopping, relaxing on the beach and exploring the nature. My boyfriend and I are seriously figuring everything out to travel here this september. I’m sooooo excitedddd!

4. Brazil
My best friend travelled to Brasil several times already but unfortunately couldn’t join here amazing trips because of a lack of days off. But seriously planning to go here next year, would love to celebrate New Years here someday. Dancing on the beach all in white. I could only imagine how great this will be.


5. Australia
Okay I might have said this at one or two destinations in this list before but Australia is really number one in my MUST VISIT list. My mother was born in Brisbane Australia and I have some family living in Australia and in New Zealand as well. My dreams about Australia go beyond border, I think I would soo soo soo much love this continent that I never want to leave again. Dangerous. They all say that Australia is just like the Netherlands but then with way better weather, food and parties!

PS. All photo’s found on Pinterest and are not mine

  • Heerlijk dromen, ze staan allemaal op mijn lijstje! hihi.. Hoewel ik net terug ben, kan ik alweer niet wachten om op reis te gaan :)

    Waar gaan jullie naar toe?

    X Lily

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