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My biggest inspiration when it comes to fashion are definitely bloggers. I know magazines with big runway shows are a great inspiration too and I will definitely buy the Vogue and Elle september issue because I know they’re great. My problem is that I have a weak imagination, I can’t imagine how some trend from the runway will be translated to the ‘normal life’. Bloggers are trendspotters and trendsetters and even if it’s not a trend bloggers are real, they show you what you can wear in any weather. If it rains, they adjust. If it’s sunny, they adjust. Is it festival season, they adjust. Freaking cold outside, they still know how to be fashionable. I also like the different styles between bloggers, I hate it if everybody tries to be the same wear the same and fit into a box. Just be yourself then everything is going to be okay. 😉

My newest blogger-crush is the 20 year old fashionblogger Anita from Fashion Attacks, I love the way she has her own style and also has a photographic style, a lot of brightness, whites, blacks, greys and sometime some bright colors. She is amazing and she has an international allure.

My favourite outfits of Fashion Attacks

Fashion attacks

fashion attacks


Attacks fashion

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