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November 27, 2014 3 Inspired by

Goooooood morning! A new day a new inspired by at LaChanna. With in the blogger spotlight Joyce blogger at Joyce Julias Diary. Joyce is my blogger friend and we basicly grew up in the same village together so we always had kind of the same friends and we knew the same people. Never really spend time together but well that’s the great thing. When you share the same interest and passion you easily get in touch. So we were following eachother on the blogs and social media and decided to meet up for a shooting date. Well we kinda did more talking then shooting pictures, but it was a great day.

Because still live in the same area we decided to have this shootingdate every other week. It’s great to share this passion and help each other out. There’s a lot of rivality in the blogger world and I think because we’re all chasing the same dream but well I don’t agree on that. There’s not only one bankdirector and not only one head of marketing, it’s great to share the same dreams and helping eachother out and have fun together is more important then succes. Right? Well I like all my blogger-friends and If I don’t like ’em they’re not my friend.

Joyce is a great journalist and her style of writing is really catchy. And I absolutely love her style, it’s a combination of bohemic, casual, sexy and vintage at the same time. She has some amazing eyes and beautiful hair to compliment every look. YES I love this girl’s style and look and I’m a fanatic follower. Beside fashion Joyce writes about health, travel, hotspots and all kind of social topics.

The look of Joyce Julia’s Diary:
Dungarees – Zalando
Sneakers – Stan Smith’s by Zalando
Scarf – Zara
Socks – Calvin Klein
Blazer – Zara
Watch – Cluse

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My favorite looks:
Joyce julias

Joyce julia's diary


Joyce julia's diary

Joyce julia diary


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